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The other day I saw another e-pharmacy with the same ordinary design as Online Pharmacy. Since many pharmacies claim to be affiliated with Online Pharmacy, I decided to do a quick review on This store, which doesn’t disclose from where it’s operating from, has been in business since 2004, claiming to be a reliable dispenser of high-quality FDA-approved generic meds at rates up to 70% less than local drugstores.

Trusted Shop Canada caters meds to treat different medical diseases without a prescription. The store has the seal of approval of internet pharmacies regulatory agencies such as CIPA, CPA, and MIPA. Since I like to verify if such allegations are truthful or not, I ran on CIPA’s list of licensed Canadian pharmacies. Without any surprise, I didn’t find TrustedShopCanada as one of them.

The store allows clients to pay for their meds using Visa, eChecks, and AmEx and ships to most countries in the world. The meds can arrive within 2-3 weeks if shipped through airmail, or within 3-8 business days if dispatched with EMS courier delivery.

The pharmacy’s main assortment is ED drugs, but TrustedShopCanada is capable of providing meds to treat asthma, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and much more. ED meds are sold at cheap prices: Generic Viagra costs $0.36/pill, generic Cialis costs $0.76 per tablet, while Brand Viagra is sold for $3.8/pill and brand Cialis for $4.18.

The store can be contacted via phone (+1 760 284 3222), which wasn’t working, or by filling their contact form on the website.

As for refunds, meds cannot be sent back, thus the pharmacy doesn’t provide full refunds in case of non-satisfaction. However, missed items or damaged packages situations can be dealt directly with customer service directly. Reviews

Whether I’m buying a product in highly reputable websites or new e-pharmacies, I need to check what former customers have to say about the store on independent reviews. Sadly, for a pharmacy which is allegedly a player in the market for more than 10 years, I didn’t find any reviews on external websites. Some testimonials are, however, available on official site.

image3 15

From Italy, Caleb says he received is order “within 6 days” and “highly” recommends the pharmacy to anyone.  Caleb was very surprised with Trusted Shop Canada pleasant service and he has “no idea” what why other customers negatively reviewed the store.

Lars from Deutschland also posted his testimonial in German, saying that he got his order without any problems.

Lucas, a customer living in the US, appreciates Trusted Shop Canada’s “prompt delivery” and asks the store to keep in touch as he will surely need more “magic pills”.

Tyler, from Austria, describes as a “great website” given its easiness to order meds without a prescription, helpfulness, and “unbeatable prices”.

As much as I’d like to believe in such reviews, I can’t trust on feedbacks attached to the seller’s own site. Furthermore, I’ve seen these exact reviews on other similar sites. Much like its design, has clone reviews from other affiliated sites. I don’t know what the company is trying to achieve with this, but I won’t be part of it. I find such behavior completely despicable and I won’t recommend Trusted Shop Canada to anyone. Reviews 2016

Fortunately, nowadays, consumers have different options to properly test an online shop’s credibility and trustworthiness. There are many scam alert sites that provide useful insights about the pharmacy quickly and free of charge. Thus, particularly when I have no reviews, I resort to such sites to make a decision whether I should buy from a store or not based on their results.

The first analyzer I used was Scamner. As I was expecting, has a very low reputation, scoring a very round 0% on the scale of trustworthiness. This seemingly unpopular e-drugstore is completely not recommended and users should find a more reliable pharmacy to buy their meds from.

image4 14

Legit Script suggests pretty much the same as Scamner. Legit Script realized that Trusted Shop Canada is not compliant with the main legal matters to be considered a licensed pharmacy, thus using this store is not advisable. Moreover, is considered to be a rogue internet pharmacy.

image2 15

With such results, I better save my money and buy my meds elsewhere. There’s a huge chance this store is compromised and I won’t risk losing my money. Coupon Codes

E-commerce websites, like, are usually well aware of the importance of charming prospective clients with further offers and benefits. When clients like me are looking for a new place to buy something, we always take into consideration the price as well as other benefits that will save us some money in the long run.

image1 14

Trusted Shop Canada currently has a time limited offer where it gives me a set of a few extra pills for free with every order. I can get more Viagra pills at absolutely no cost with any order.

The company ensures a free shipping delivery for all orders above $200. After passing this limit, consumers don’t have to pay any extra fee for shipping.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that claims to be a provider of high-quality, reliable and effective meds for a price up to 70% less than in local pharmacies. By its name, it seems that this pharmacy is based in Canada but no information is given about the company’s location or address. The drugstore is using the exact same template as other affiliate e-pharmacies of Online Pharmacy but doesn’t have the same trustworthiness and credibility as Online Pharmacy itself. Additionally, Trusted Shop Canada alleges to be a licensed pharmacy and a member of Canadian pharmacies associations such as CPA, CIPA, and MIPA, which after a quick search, I verified that is not true.

This ordinary pharmacy is a quite recent e-shop, even though it claims to be in business for more than 10 years. Trusted Shop Canada also doesn’t have any trustable consumers’ reviews. In fact, the only existent reviews are copied and unmodified testimonials attached to clone websites. Pharmacies which indulge in such behavior do not deserve my attention and are usually fraudulent. I can’t recommend this unlicensed, and most likely fake pharmacy to any of my readers. According to the information given by scam alert sites, has a 0% trust score and could be a rogue internet pharmacy.

In summary, is an unreliable place to order your meds from and, naturally, I give it a 1 out of 5 rating.

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