Tamoxifen Mechanism Of Action

Tamoxifen is an oral pill indicated for remedying the symptoms of acute breast cancer. Studies have shown that Tamoxifen is effective as a cancer curative as well as a preventive drug. It started being used from early 90’s. Tamoxifen can be prescribed to women of all ages. Both groups of women under menopause and those already in menopause can use the drug to fight breast cancer. Tamoxifen work by blocking the effects on receptors resulting from estrogen.

This approach denies the growth of cancerous cells. Tamoxifen is a life-saving drug hence its dispensing and use must be guided by a qualified medic. Tamoxifen will be prescribed to you as per your specific conditions. Primary cancer patients will normally take the drug for 5 to 10 years. Secondary treatment will require that you take Tamoxifen on a continuous process to keep checks on cancer.

Tamoxifen SERM

Selective estrogen receptor modulators, SERM, inhibit the estrogen effects in the receptors found in breast tissues. SERMs literally sit on estrogen receptors in the breast cells denying estrogen the chance to get attached to the cells. This process will cut off signals to the cancerous cells thus they will to multiply and rather spread into other areas. SERMs as its letter suggest ‘selective’ is indeed specific to a certain tissue or cells receptors. A SERM targeted for breast area may at best not work in blocking receptors in liver for instance and at worst may aggravate estrogen’s disastrous actions. SERMs has been reported to be accompanied by serious side effects such as stroke, blood clot, and endometrial cancer. History of heart attacks, smoking and blood clots should be in the know of your doctor for better direction on the usage of SERMs.

Adverse Effects of Tamoxifen

Everyone responds differently to medications. For some, the side effects may be mild while for some moderate. There are also instances where other people register null side effects after using a drug. Some of the common side effects associated with Tamoxifen include amnesia or sleep disturbance, hot flushing, reduced sex drive, mood swings and at times virginal irritations.

Women on their menses may realize an irregular pattern, lighter menses and sometimes a stop in monthly periods. The pioneer stages of Tamoxifen are accompanied by nausea that should stabilize over time. Osteoporosis or thinning of bones can affect women below 45. Other side effects that have been reported with lower frequencies include headache, joint pains, obesity, baldness, and fatigue and vision issues.

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Breast Cancer

Blood clot, heart attacks, stroke and endometrial cancer are rare but serious and dangerous side effects. These side effects should be treated with much caution and your doctor should know promptly when they pop up. Letting your doctor know of your medical history of heart problems and clotting can assist him in giving you the right advice beforehand. Pregnancy is contraindicated against SERMs. Do not take it if you are expecting or planning to get pregnant.

Benefits of Taking Tamoxifen

Tamoxifen is undoubtedly the most popular SERM drug used for treating breast cancer. The drug has the ability to inhibit and activate effects of oestrogen. Research has found Tamoxifen to have a good history of tolerability with demonstrable benefits towards the fighting breast cancer both in the early and continuous stages. Tamoxifen has the capacity to prolong the life of a woman suffering from breast cancer. It also has the ability to reduce or lessen the deaths resulting from this deadly disease. WHO the health wing of the United Nations body has given a thumbs up to Tamoxifen as a crucial life-saver drug and that no woman should be denied use of this important medication. Research has shown that benefits that come with Tamoxifen outweigh its risks.

Aromatase Inhibitors Mechanism of Action

Aromatase inhibitors belong to a family of medicines indicated for the treatment postmenopausal breast cancer in women and also gynecomastia among the male members. Aromatase inhibitors also find its importance in the reduction of oestrogen conversion with external testosterone. Aromatase is an enzyme in itself that help in synthesizing estrogen.

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Aromasin, Brand of Aromatase

Aromatase inhibitors are better hormonal therapeutic solutions for women in their menopausal stages. It is far much better than Tamoxifen for early breast cancer symptoms and the side effects are less serious for that case. It also got more benefits compared to Tamoxifen. Given that it is categorized as a SERM, the side effects that come with most SERMs manifest themselves with the use of aromatase. The only difference being the magnitude or rather the seriousness of the side effects. Besides the common side effects like amnesia, suppressed libido and hot flushing, blood clot and endometrial cancer are the most adverse effects that a doctor should be notified as soon as possible.


Tamoxifen is a life-saving medication approved by the US-based FDA for the treatment of effects of breast cancer. Tamoxifen is fit for women under menopausal stages and those in the menopause stage. Research shows that the drug can indeed cure and prevent the spread of cancerous cells. The medication work by blocking estrogen activities. Tamoxifen can cause side effects that can be adverse hence should be taken as directed. This article is just for disseminating information purposes and is not meant to replace the doctor’s work. Always consult with your doctor on the drug. On prescription, only procure the drugs from safe stores. You can check out on our List of TOP-rated drug stores to obtain Tamoxifen from a trusted provider.

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