Rxmedslist.com Review – A Poorly Conceptualized Scam of a Pharmacy

RXmedslist.com is an internet pharmaceutical division with a claimed reputation for “safety, affordability and convenience”.  I am uncertain of their start of operations but the page is copyrighted 2006 so let’s go with this date. Its location is up for question as it is not visible on the webpage. They sell a range of products including its most popular: Soma, Cialis, Ultram, Zithromax and Ambien. In the erectile dysfunction department, the average cost varies. Cialis cost $1.60 for a 20mg pill, Viagra $115.20 for 4 50mg tablets, Levitra $103.20 for 4 10 mg tablets and Kamagra costs $129.60 for 50 5gm sachets.

In terms of FDA approval, I noted that their ED drugs are FDA approved and they are a licensed pharmacy. When I attempted to buy an item so I could view their payment methods, I was redirected to rxgoldmeds.com and I am not sure why as I had to re-add the item to my cart. The other website accepts the following credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, Dinners Club and Amex as well as eCheck. Shipment is available worldwide and is free. It takes 3-14 days for an item to be delivered by Airmail and there is no associated charge for this service.

There is no chat window but they offer 24/7 support to customers. This feature can be accessed via email. There is disappointingly no phone number. As to their return policy, I am uncertain as to whether or not there is an actual policy regarding this.

Rxmedslist.com Reviews

Usually, some vendors create their own reviews or have their customers post on their websites. Unfortunately for me, rxmedslist did not have any reviews on their website. The seller’s reputation is therefore up for several questions.

Why are there no reviews in an information age? Not even fake or allowing customers to post on your website. This suggests that maybe they have something to hide or possibly never actually sold anything. I could assume that they are new and have just set up shop but the copyright says 2006. That’s over a decade ago.

There are links to social media shares on the right but what am I sharing. Why would I share the page? What business doesn’t have a basic Facebook account in 2017? Millennials are the hardest groups of persons to please (raises arm) yet there are no reviews or evidence of an internet presence besides the actual web page accessed by the URL.

Rxmedslist.com Reviews 2016

People would say I am a skeptic but I more think of myself as cautious. To get a clearer picture of rxmedslist, I would use scamner and scam adviser to challenge its authenticity. As pictured below it can be noted that their authenticity is heavily challenged.

image2 14

Scamner says it doesn’t have a lot of traffic; that could explain the lack of reviews because no one buys from them. Even if you wanted to you were redirected to another page and had to add the items to your cart all over again. How annoying and I can see why no one would actually go through with the ordering process.

image3 14

The site also has a low trust rating and its actual location very ambiguous.

Rxmedslist.com Coupon Codes

Rxmedlist.com offers free delivery worldwide. That is generous of them especially if they’re in the US and shipping to an Oceanic or Asian country. This is a good deal as I have seen some websites charge as much as $30 for shipping. That is a lot of money.

They claim that shopping with them saves you 70% off retail prices. I take everything businesses tell me lightly because even sugar looks like salt right? If you tell me that I can save 70% show me the facts, the evidence. Compare prices on your website because I am sure that I can get free shipping and discounts on a website that is actually popular.

If they have been in operation for ten years or so, by now they should have benefitted from economies of scale and be able to pass on that low cost to their customers (me) as an incentive to buy rather than being selfish with discounts that anyone would gladly benefit from.


Herein lies the debate, to buy or not to buy? Just to reiterate that they give free prescriptions online. I do not understand it and I do not want to stress myself out trying to understand it. Then, they claim to be available 24 hours, 7 days a week but guess what, there is no phone number. So who am I going to call and tear a new one if I enter the wrong shipping address or if my order doesn’t show up? Contact only by email is ridiculous.

Rxmedslist.com deserves a one-star rating because they are poor and their scam is not even well conceptualized. Then they claim “safety, affordability and convenience”, how? These things mean different things to different people. I can’t even contact you by phone so that is not very convenient, I am redirected to another page when I try to place an order, not very safe and you only offer free shipping so I am going to question that aspect of affordability because it is not. There is also the issue of their location.

I will not be purchasing from Rxmedslist.com because of the arguments presented before. I advise you to safeguard your financial data and not buy from rxmedslist or the website that you are redirected to.

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