Review – Non-Verified Brand-Name Meds Only Pharmacy is one of the e-pharmacies that is able to provide meds online. Nowadays, many men are looking for an affordable solution for their erectile dysfunction problem online. Since 2001, this United States-based pharmacy has been catering branded medicines such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis to treat impotence. The website is rather simple and doesn’t draw too much attention, probably why Prescription Drugs does not have a wide number of clients.

The pharmacy is following all FDA regulations, thus I am not concerned about the safeness of my meds. The prices proposed by Prescription Drugs are too far more expensive than most online drugstores. In fact, Prescription Drugs pricing is comparable to most of the local drugstores.

Prescription Drugs provides medical consultations to those who need approval before buying ED meds. As I said above, the prices are exorbitant: a pack of 5 tablets (100mg) of Pfizer’s Viagra will cost me $451, whereas a box of 3 tablets (20 mg) of Lilly’s Cialis is priced at $275. After doing the math, a brand-name Viagra pill is priced at $90.2 and Cialis at $91.6. At least Prescription Drugs has a little sense and ships the drugs free of charge. The packages are sent using either Federal Express or USPS Express envelopes.

The refund policy is basically the same as any other FDA-regulated pharmacy: no prescription drugs can be returned as it’s not possible to ensure their safety after shipping. Thus, only damaged orders are viable for a full refund.

After the checkout, a doctor had to evaluate me. I had to wait around 2 hours for the online consultation. Prescription Drugs can only be contacted via phone (866 460 1925) or via e-mail. Reviews

Having recommendations from previous customers can, ultimately, help a certain product to surpass targeted sales. In fact, especially in today’s online shopping, it’s crucial for a store and/or product to have online reviews so other consumers can make their decision to either buy or don’t.  Unless the store is a highly renowned brand, future consumers will always judge a store’s reputation based on existing feedbacks. Thus, I clearly have to check what is being said concerning

Sadly, it will be very difficult for me to evaluate this pharmacy properly as there aren’t any available reviews on the Internet. This tells me two things: either Prescription Drugs is not a popular one, or it’s a very young one which still hasn’t yet gain the consumers’ trust. Well, Prescription Drugs claims to be operating since 2001, therefore it was expected to have some reviews at least.

Facing the lack of such feedbacks, I cannot put my entire trust on Prescription Drugs. It shows unreliability and I might be putting myself in danger. There are too many questions left unanswered and, when it comes to health, it’s better to be safe and use another more legitimate pharmacy than sorry. Reviews 2017

When I am not able to gather enough information regarding a pharmacy’s reputation by its reviews, I resort to online scam analyzing tools. These instruments provide me a quite good amount of useful information, including how trustworthy the pharmacy is. Obviously, I had to check what these tools had to say about in order to make a reliable review. was the first website I visited. According to its report, Prescription Drugs seems to be a safe site to navigate. Prescription Drugs has a high trust rating, thus it’s highly unlikely that it contains malware or other illegalities. However, Scam Adviser analyzed Prescription Drugs’ traffic and verified that only a very little number of consumers are using this website. The same was confirmed by

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Scamner is not so optimist regarding Prescription Drugs. This scam alert site reported a low 13% trust score from Prescription Drugs, considering the pharmacy to be unreliable and not recommended.

Scamner is doubtful about Prescription Drugs legitimacy, thus it’s better to go to another e-shop.

image2 4 Coupon Codes

I’m still trying to give another chance, so I’m checking which kind of benefits this company has. Prescription Drugs is particularly expensive and the prices aren’t competitive when compared to the ones of local pharmacies. Offering coupon codes or discounts is definitely the only way Prescription Drugs can hook consumers.

Again, I am disappointed: Prescription Drugs is not providing any discounts or coupon codes. There is absolutely no benefit in buying my expensive meds here. I’d spend too much money without any reward in the long run. I’m not surprised that this pharmacy is unpopular and not chosen by consumers. Being expensive without any kind of perks is almost a bugbear. I can’t find any advantage in buying from this unstable pharmacy.


There is too much at stake with Giving this e- pharmacy’s pricing range, it is far too much expensive to risk. If I’m dealing with especially expensive stores, I have to be 100% sure I won’t be fooled and I will get a high-quality and effective product. With Prescription Drugs, I know nothing; I’m not aware if I will get my meds or not or if they will be original and effective. Without any reviews, I won’t spend a dime in this overly priced pharmacy. Furthermore, Prescription Drugs doesn’t even accept insurance as a form of payment.

Giving its low popularity, expensive meds, lack of discounts and the results provided by Scamner, I have no other choice than to give a 2/5 rating. Personally, I will go to a much cheaper and affordable e-pharmacy.

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