Review – Be Careful of This Store Shipping Incomplete Orders advertises that it can help buyers save more when choosing prescription drugs online. The shop, is an international prescription service affiliated with a network of international ground pharmacies in Canada, Turkey, India, the United Kingdom, and various others. There was no exact location where the store operates from, but the store explicitly elaborated on it fulfilling orders from several locations around the globe. Pharmacy Rx world, though, is an existing member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, which means it obtained its license in Canada.

Both over the counter drugs and prescription medications for various health conditions are available in the shop. Pharmacy Rx World fulfills orders via the phone, facsimile, snail mail, or thru the website. Unlike the regular drugstores, does not have medical categories overtly published on its website, although the store gave an overview on the popular medications on the store. Pharmacy Rx World has Celebrex 200mg, Cialis 10mg, Spiriva Handihaler 18mcg, Plavix 75mg, Zetia 10mg, and other medications as its bestsellers, and the shop suggestively and strategically placed them on the front page.

Pharmacy Rx World requires the provision of valid prescriptions for its Rx products, just like at the local pharmacies. This is so because forwards the prescriptions to the local ground pharmacies which require actual prescriptions for the products needed to be dispensed. Concerning the product quality, all the medications supplied by are with “regulatory approvals” from respective drug regulating bodies of the manufacturer’s country. did not state if it sells generic or brand-name medications, but the judging by the shop’s products, offers both big brands and generic, cheaper options as well.

Since I was particularly interested in erectile dysfunction products, I checked the prices of impotence meds on Pharmacy Rx World. The shop’s Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer New Zealand is sold for a minimum of $59 for 4 tablets, but the store also provided a generic Viagra 100 mg alternative (from the United Kingdom) which costs $18 for 8 tablets. Cialis 20 mg from Lilly Turkey is also available on Pharmacy Rx World, and the product is sold for a minimum of $48 for 4 tablets. Also, the store provided a 20 mg generic Tadalafil alternative from Cipla in India for as low as $25 mg for 8 tablets. I like how disclosed the locations where the products are manufactured and shipped out from. Also, comprehensive details for the indications of the products are also posted below the product prices. accepts payments from its clients from credit cards, e-checks, debit, international money and postal orders, and personal checks. As for the shipping charge, Pharmacy Rx World charges a $9.99 fee for its clients with orders below $49, but orders above $49 are shipped for free. Clients can only order a three-month supply (maximum) per transaction, in accordance with international pharmacy regulation.

Pharmacy Rx World guarantees that the orders will arrive within 2 to 3 weeks on the average or until 30 days, but in case the products do not arrive in the set time, buyers can claim their refunds or can ask for re-shipments until 90 days from the date of shipment. For other inquiries, you may reach using its phone number and its contact page. Reviews

In order to evaluate Pharmacy Rx World in the eyes of its clients, I searched for available reviews for the store from external sources. I was able to find several testimonials for the store—some were positive, and some were negative.

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There were 2012 reviews for on and the clients posting on the platform were generally happy with their purchases.

According to Lynn, she knew from her sister who was a regular of the store. Lynn was able to successfully place her order on the store and she was able to receive her order in two weeks.

Richard, on the other hand, stated that he had a few bumps with his orders, but in the end, Pharmacy Rx World was able to resolve all the issues. Richard stated that he’s still getting his products from the store.

However, the reviews for on the platform were from several years back, and the shop’s service may have changed dramatically over the years.

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An older review for Pharmacy Rx World, though, was a complaint from Richard Levacy posted on According to him, he was sent an incomplete order and when he tried to contact the shop, he was not responded to. Reviews 2017

Recent reviews for are not available on the web, so I had to check the domain’s credibility using other websites.

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Scam Adviser is one of the sites useful for checking any website’s integrity. According to the result for, the shop was a store with a low trust score and that it may not be safe to use. The location of the website was identified in Canada, but the owner country was identified in Barbados.

image4 1 had a low rating from Legit Script, as the store was given an “unapproved” rating by the platform. Although there are no details why Legit Script rated as an unapproved site, the low rating may be due to issues related to the security end of the domain. Coupon Codes only offers free shipping for its products for orders greater than $49. The store is one of the few websites offering a low quota for the free shipping.

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Pharmacy Rx World mentions that it helps the buyers save on their prescriptions online, but the store did not offer discounts and coupons for its products.


Pharmacy Rx World is a neat site with good graphics, low prices, and a low set amount for the free shipping. Even if the shop did have former good reviews from a third-party platform, the reviews seemed outdated (they are only from 2012). The shop had a complaint from a buyer who received an incomplete package, and the buyer also complained about the store being unresponsive to his follow-ups. Because of the lack of recent reviews and the low trust rating for, I am giving Pharmacy Rx World only 2 out of 5 and I don’t recommend buying from the store until it has recent positive comments.

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