Order-rx.com Review – Long-Running Store which Closed without a Warning

Some online drugstores are not successful in maintaining their businesses and close down for a variety of reasons. Order Rx (Order-rx.com) is one online shop which failed to uphold its service and now remains an offline site. Earliest records for Order Rx were from the year 2003, and although the store did not advertise any reason for its closure, its hosting service provider’s message on its former domain indicates that the shop went out of business due to failed domain renewal or expired domain registry.

Order-rx.com is one of the longest running web pharmacy stores, and it is still a mystery why such an established web pharmacy closed. It is a slight comfort, though, that the store was not included in the government’s list of “seized domains”, as the shop’s present domain would have otherwise a government message instead of the error status notification.

Although I found retrieved records for Order Rx, the store had scanty information accessible to the visitors. No “about us” page is found for the store, and although the products on Order-rx.com are mostly generic, the shop did not bother to inform the consumers where the products were sourced.

According to the recovered information, Order Rx is merely a third-party website which allows buyers to connect with “US Pharmacy Networks” and did not directly dispense medications; in other words, the shop is only an online prescription service. However, despite the shop’s status as an online prescription service provider, Order Rx also had the capability to render online consultations for its clients without the needed Rx for their desired products.

The most popular items on Order-rx.com include Viagra, Tizanidine, Topamax, Gabapentin, Fioricet, and Cyclobenzaprine. Besides the mentioned drugs, the store offered a wide range of medicine choices and listed the products by medical category. Products found on Order Rx encompassed meds for parasitic infection, digestive health, gout, influenza, motion sickness, urinary concerns, and various other medical conditions.

For men’s health, Order-rx.com only offered generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), which is beneficial for patients suffering from impotence. Order Rx offered generic Viagra in 100 mg only and sold the product for a minimum amount of $199 for 90 tablets. Although the individual pill price for the product is $2.21, which is lower than most online pharmacy prices for generic Viagra, the 90-pill minimum made it hard for consumers to place trial orders on Order-rx.com. Personally, I prefer online drugstores with low minimum order amounts and which charge product costs I am willing to risk.

Order Rx, though, offered free shipping for all its items via USPS Priority Mail and asked for payments from consumers via VISA, MasterCard, and surprisingly, Cash-on-Delivery (COD). Not all web stores offer COD to their consumers, but Order-rx.com did—for US clients alone, though.

Returns were not permitted by Order-rx.com and there were no discussions for refunds and order replacements in the case of delivery failures. The shop’s now offline so there’s no way in reaching the store for your concerns and for possible order assistance.

Order-rx.com Reviews

Order Rx did not have consumer feedbacks for its service despite its long web run. It is baffling that a store with decades of service had no actual consumer reviews from any third-party review platform, especially in this internet age where almost all consumers are interested in letting the world know how they think or feel about a service or a product.

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Despite the lack of actual consumer reviews, I was able to identify that Order Rx actually belonged to the list of NABP’s “not recommended” online drugstores, which is a list of dubious and scamming websites. Order Rx and thousands of others are listed as “not recommended” stores which consumers should be warned about.

Order-rx.com Reviews 2016

Aside from the NABP list, I tried locating other objective evaluations for Order-rx.com, such as in platforms like Scamner.com and Scamadviser.com.

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In spite of the long history of Order Rx’s service, I only found unpleasant results for the store on Scamner.com. According to the platform, the overall grade of the store is only 5/100 and it is due to its expired domain registry. Scamner advised consumers to look for other trustworthy web stores for their medical needs.

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Even if Order-rx.com was rated by Scam Adviser 51/100, the overall status for the shop was “threat listed” due to its existing “ROGUE” rating and malware reports from the web. Indeed, the shop’s age is 14 years, which makes the store all the more dubious due to its blatant lack of testimonials from former buyers.

Order-rx.com Coupon Codes

The website Order-rx.com was quite modest—too modest that the store did not even have alluring promotional offers to spark its clients’ interests. However, the store offered an unconditional free shipping for all its products, which, I think, was well-deserved by the clients considering that Order-rx.com offers an exorbitant minimum purchase.


Online stores come and go, but it is always surprising for shops with long service histories to just go out of business. Order-rx.com is one of the longest-running stores on the web which closed without any clear reason. The store also had no reviews despite its online tenure, which was rather surprising, as the store’s history spanned more than a decade.

Since this store is now out of business, I am giving it a rating of 1 out of 5. There is nothing to recommend here—just look for new sites to get your drug supplies from.

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