Review – Pharmacy with Good Discount Deals but Low Rating has been in business for 15 years now and is serving its customers since 2002. However, their online shop was created in 2005, prior to which they were a small family-run pharmaceutical store. They have also stated full address of their headquarters which is located in Montreal, Canada.

Mycanadastore sells a wide assortment of products including those for Cancer, Cholesterol, weight loss, eye care, pain relief etc. However, I was most interested in finding out the cost of generic Viagra. Canadian Pharmacy, in my opinion, sells Viagra at a bit expensive rate as compared to some other drugstore. The minimum cost of a single 100-gram pill of Viagra is 1.14 USD, whereas on many other similar stores, I found the price to be less than 1 USD. They offer FDA approved drugs for customers.

Shipping of package to customers can be done via two modes: Regular Airmail delivery and Express Courier delivery (EMS). However, EMS courier delivery is allowed for only those customers that reside in the United States. Delivery via Airmail takes around 10 to 21 days whereas for EMS it takes 8-14 days. The sites, however, does not specify shipping costs for these two modes until the order has been placed since these costs are calculated based on the ordered product. Regarding payments, Canadian Pharmacy accepts major credit card including Visa Card, Master Card and eCheck payment method.

As per the refund policy specified on the store’s website, in case of occurrence of issues with the package, the order is reshipped to the customer for free and without any shipping fee. If the customer is not satisfied by the product quality, the pharmacy ensures 100% money back.’s customer service can be reached by filling a contact form using which customers can clarify their queries. However, after hours of sending the message, I did not receive any reply. Reviews

My Canada Store has no external reviews on any independent site, but there is a testimonial section in the website itself where user comments are found.  One important thing is that these reviews are kind of a feedback which users have given after receiving their due order.

As a reviewer, I usually don’t weigh customer reviews from seller’s own website in making a decision whether to buy from a specific vendor or not. But in this case, I noticed that there might be a chance that these reviews are genuine as these are given in response to order deliveries. Nevertheless, at the end, the thing that matters the most is that these are posted on the vendor’s site and therefore, might not be credible.

Hank Bordnik, a user from the USA, acknowledged the fast delivery and “thanked” the pharmacy. Jessica Watson also seemed satisfied by the pharmacy’s service and said,  We can now order things online”. James from California, in response to his order of Viagra, described that he is satisfied by the medicine quality and was “impressed” with how the medicine worked for him.

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No recent reviews for My Canada Store were available, so I had to rely on various scam analysis results. These analysis reports suggest that the site might not be suitable for use.

From the scam reports obtained from Scammer, potential flaws for the site include the usage of free email which is not considered professional, a chance of data getting compromised as the site does not own an SSL certificate and the fact that the site is pretty new even though the online shop has a ‘long life expectancy’.

Scamadviser also specify that the site has a “low trust rating” and indicate almost the same problems as specified by the scam analysis results from Scammer.

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I’m personally happy with the discount deals offers to its customers. The pharmacy might be Canadian, but they are currently running a 4th of July deal for all customers where users can get 10 Viagra and 10 Cialis pills for a combined cost of just 74.95 USD. They also deliver 4 free Viagra pills for all orders by customers. They are currently also running a limited time offer for customers on various drugs including Viagra, Cialis and Levitra etc. According to this offer, Viagra is off by 25% whereas Cialis is off by 20%.

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The reviews about My Canada Store really impressed me. Even though the reviews were internal, since they were feedback from orders, they might be genuine. Apart from the reviews, I fell for good discount deals that the online pharmacy provides. However, what bugged me was the scam analysis reports that were poor.

Even though the scam results are not in favor of the vendor, I consider the customer reviews as more important in making any decision, however, in this case, these reviews might not be credible and is, therefore, should not be used for decision making. These reasons combined urged me to rate a 2 out of 5 and I would probably never consider buying from here.

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