Review – Reliable British Pharmacy For European Customers Only is a company registered in England and Wales under company number ( 08805262 ) and operating from London directly. Med Express is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and provides its license number. So far so good since I like pharmacies which are concise and clear about their business.

Med Express is a distributor of both generics and brand-name medications approved by Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the UK equivalent of US FDA. The pharmacy displays photos of its staff and includes a small description of each one of them. Personally, I thought it was such a nice touch. Moreover, the pharmacy is reviewed more than 9000 times on TrustPilot, having an overall score of 9.6/10. Amazing!

The pharmacy is only allowed to ship to the UK or the Europen Union countries where online sales of meds are allowed. Whilst this leaves US citizens out of the equation, I completely understand such law. EU has very strict regulatory laws when health is concerned. International orders are shipped for GBP 9.95 via Royal Mail, while UK orders cost varies between GBP 2.90-4.95.

The store provides meds for treating medical conditions such as ED, asthma, premature ejaculation, acne, migraine, hair loss, and aids in weight loss. Everything on MedExpress seems phenomenal, but I care about the prices. Viagra by Pfizer is dispensed at GBP 8.75/pill, whereas the generic version only costs GBP 5/pill. The pharmacy even offers a price comparative table with its competitors. A box of 4 pills of Cialis costs GBP 39.99 (20 mg) and the same quantity of Levitra can be obtained by GBP 42.99.

Meds can be acquired using only the main credit cards: Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. The store cannot accept returned meds but advises users to contact customer support in case of non-satisfaction. can be contacted through Facebook messenger, email, or via phone (0208 123 0508). No one was available during my late hours. Reviews

I’m quite happy that I’m reviewing a pharmacy with so many available feedbacks. Several clients shared their experience on websites such as, and have to say they are surprisingly pleasant. Most of the previous consumers awarded with an or 5-star rating.


Rob Mijlof concisely complimented Med Express service as “fast and reliable”, giving the pharmacy a 5-star performance. David Norton is another content customer who laconically rated Med Express as “excellent” and “highly” recommendable. Other extra points for the British pharmacy.


Alistair also published his feedback where he says the order arrived “very promptly”. The customer wants to wait before evaluating the meds efficiency. Med Express delivery was described as “spot on” by another verified content customer who also gave 5-stars to the store.


The reviews are extremely satisfactory and, more importantly, are from verified customers. Med Express can’t control these feedbacks so they are fully reputable.

I can’t wait to order my meds from Med Express and try them myself. Reviews 2017

I’ve learned that is quite well recognized and welcomed by the community of online shoppers. Most of these reviews are posted within days ago, thus the pharmacy is loaded with meds requests.

Of course, that it’s nearly impossible to please everyone. For example, Mrs. Longmire only gave 3-stars to this pharmacy. She needed migraine meds but is disappointed with Med Express “ordering process”. She tried to use the store’s promotional codes but they “didn’t work”. After reaching out customer service several times, Mrs. Longmire was able to enjoy the discounted meds but the overall processed has left her with a “very poor impression“.

Another consumer gave Med Express a very bad evaluation, criticizing the meds quality. Noureddine explained that the meds didn’t reflect what was “said in packaging”, thus “misleading the customers”.

However, the good reviews continue as Arthur is “happy” with the store. Despite being skeptical, he’s delighted the meds worked. Other customers also characterized their experience with Med Express as “perfect” and “quick and easy”.

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Scam Adviser suggests has a pretty solid credibility. I don’t doubt this store’s legitimacy.

Despite there’s a small chance of risk., Scam Adviser considers Med Express as a pretty safe online pharmacy and users can enjoy fully the store services.

image5 Coupon Codes provides occasional promo codes for new and existent clients. These promo codes can be obtained on their newsletter so I advise you to join in order to enjoy such offers. As far as I know, these coupon codes are worth around 20% off on certain medications.

Despite limited, Med Express offers other ways to save some money. The only currently available is its referral scheme. Each client has a unique referral code after their first purchase. If a friend uses this same code, Med Express will give both clients a 5 GBP discount in any order.



I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I clicked on The website is very modern, attractive, and very user-friendly. The store reveals all the necessary information, including its location and all typical data. Moreover, the store provides a profile of all its staff members, giving me a warm and receptive feeling.

Let me expose the main disadvantage of the store: it can only ship medications within the UK and European Union countries where UK prescriptions are valid. Thus, US consumers are not eligible to acquire any sort of meds from Med Express.

Nevertheless, the is incredibly popular in the UK and many people are happy with such reliability. Med Express is quite professional and secure pharmacy, and I would be completely relaxed when buying my meds here. I wish I’d review more positive and incorrupt e-pharmacies such as Med Express. This store goes on my list of trusted internet pharmacies with an overall score of 4 out of 5.

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