Gouty Arthritis Pain Relief

Do You Have Gouty Arthritis? Are You Having A Hard Time Dealing With The Pain? Well, The Solution Is Here Already! It Is Called Provailen!

An Overview of Gouty Arthritis

Gouty Arthritis is a kind of arthritis that happens when excessive uric acid is deposited in blood which then causes inflammation of the joints. Uric acids are end results of purine breakdown. It is believed that Gouty Arthritis is one of the most painful kinds of Arthritis.

Risk Factors

Gouty Arthritis commonly occurs in men between ages 40 and 50, in women after menopausal stage, those who are overweight, alcoholic, and people who constantly takes in foods that have high amount of Pureness such as fish and meat. Diuretics (a medicine used to increase amount of urine to control hypertension) can also cause gouty arthritis.

Signs and Symptoms

The usual symptoms experienced by people with Gouty Arthritis are swelling, warm, shiny red, and excessively painful at the affected joint that usually occurs at night. Joints in your ankles, knees, wrists, fingers, and elbows are affected but not as much as the big toe since it is the most common area affected by this kind of arthritis. In some cases, body malaise, chills, and fever can also occur. When the gouty arthritis affects the lower extremities, it is debilitating since walking can also be greatly affected due to severe pain and discomfort.

How can Provailen Help?

Reduces Joint Inflammation – Provailin contains the herb called Reishi Mushroom (Lingzhi) which has a potent anti-inflammatory property that effectively reduces joint swelling, thus, reduces pain. It also acts on the main source of the disease which means that it does not only alleviate your pain, it also cures the disease itself.

Alleviates Pain- Another herb that is a main component of Provailen is the Tongkat Ali. This herb provides relief of pain by promoting increase in the muscle growth around your joints. Due to the increase growth of the muscles, the workload of your joints is reduced. When the workload of your joint is reduced, the pain will start fading. If used on a daily and permanent basis, Provailin can totally eradicate the joint pains that you are experiencing. Faster Relief from Symptoms- Capsaicin is another component of Provailen that hastens the alleviation of your symptoms. It serves as a carrier of the first two herbs and ensures that they are distributed properly and promptly throughout the body. It allows absorption even to the narrowest capillary in which blood flow is restricted.

Why Should I Take Provailen?

It is 100% Natural. Since it is made from all natural ingredients, it is completely safe to take.

Provailen has no side effects. Unlike most of the NSAIDs which are the commonly prescribed medication for Gout Arthritis, Provailen does not give you any untoward effects. NSAIDs usually cause gastrointestinal discomfort, kidney problems, liver damage, and etc. which needs to be taken with caution since it can lead to the possibility of contracting another disease. Plus, these medications can develop tolerance which means that there’s a need for you to increase your dosage since you immune system has already developed tolerance for a specific type of medication. Provailen does not develop tolerance and will not give you a new disease since it is made from all natural substances.

Choose wisely for your heath. Choose the medication that truly cures, not the one that gives way to another disease. Choose Provailen now to make your life easier and completely pain free.

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