Buy Silagra: Top Quality Generic Viagra from India

It is a known fact that brand-name erectile dysfunction drugs are costly. The high cost of has led to the creation of equivalents which are referred to as generics. Over the years there has been a great emergence of several erectile dysfunction drugs generics. They are manufactured with the major aim to serve as a perfect equivalent to selected brand drugs which are priced high. This generics are very affordable and can be afforded by just about anyone who desires to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence. Silagra is another top-notch Viagra equivalent. This implies that it is a Viagra generic and thus contains the active ingredient sildenafil which is also present in Viagra. They work the same, offer the same results, and potency. Hence the onset of action, duration effects last for, and the mode of ingestion are identical. Thanks to this kind of drugs as it creates the opportunity to enjoy the great potency of the popular brand Viagra at a lower cost. Silagra is a generic manufactured in India which implies that it is one of the cheapest Viagra equivalents. You can use Silagra if you desire to treat your erectile dysfunction with an efficacious med.

Buy Silagra Online

As you are probably aware, brand-name drugs require a doctor’s prescription to obtain them. Obtaining them without a doctor’s prescription is illegal and you might end up getting the counterfeit. On the other hand, generics do not require a doctor’s prescription to get them. Silagra is a generic Viagra, thus, you do not require a doctor’s prescription to get it. The question to ask would be why does Viagra require a doctor’s prescription and Silagra does not and yet they contain the same active ingredient?

Buy Silagra: Top Quality Generic Viagra from India
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Brand drugs are always the first to use an active ingredient for a certain treatment, hence, the total safety has not been proven. But after these drug has been sold for decades and there has been sufficient information about its activities and effects it can be considered safe. After this long years of selling this brand-name drugs, their patents would have expired, thus, giving pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to start making drugs containing the same active ingredient thereby serving as an equivalent to the brand-name drugs. And since the drug they substitute has been around for decades and a sufficient information about the effects of the active ingredient they adopt exists and its safety has been ascertained; a doctor’s prescription is not needed to obtain them. Generics are always common, cheap and relatively easy to get.

Silagra Price

Silagra is a perfect substitute for the popular Viagra containing the same formula. The good news is you can get it lower than a dollar per pill. The price you would get your Silagra for would, therefore, depend greatly on the dosage you get and the pharmacy which you make your order from. Another thing is the quantity of Silagra you buy. Silagra is commonly available in 50 mg and 100 mg. As expected the price of Silagra 100 mg is higher than the price of Silagra 50 mg. However, the price difference is not much. When getting your Silagra ensure that you get a large number of pills with the sole aim of reducing the price you pay per pill. Also, ensure that you go through our top list of recommended pharmacies to get the Silagra from a pharmacy that offers it at the best price. For a general price range that you should bear in mind, check out this pricing screenshot

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The screenshot reveals that the price of Silagra 50 mg is between $0.65 to $1.41 while the price for Silagra 100 mg is between $0.77 to $1.68. As stated earlier, the price difference is not much so you might be better off purchasing the 100 mg as against purchasing 50 mg then split the tab with a pill splitter in case you desire a lesser dosage. You would be saving a great deal of money following this simple tip. Regarding the price range of Silagra, the price is different in stores online as most store offer it at a different price. Following our advice on our pricing tips would enable you to get your Silagra at the best possible price.

Silagra Side Effects

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The side effects of a drug are something that cannot be overlooked. This is because it’s going to prepare you for what to expect and also enable you to make a decision if you should try the drug or not. The side effects of Silagra are the same with the side effects of Viagra since they contain the same formula. Thus, there is nothing to worry about. They include insomnia, a headache, dizziness, muscle pain, runny nose, stomach upset, and flushing. There is a possibility that you do not experience any side effect at all depending on your body system and your tolerability to sildenafil. In case you feel side effects and you desire to reduce it, the sure way is to reduce the dosage you are currently using. This would help reduce the strength of the side effects felt.

Please, immediately visit your healthcare provider in case you feel severe side effects like an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours.


Silagra another top quality generic Viagra from India offering all the benefits of Viagra. It is a sure med to get the results that you crave for in Viagra for less than a dollar. If you second, getting Silagra would be absolutely penny smart. As we usually remind you that there are scammers online, please beware of them. And do not forget to get out the top lit of the recommended pharmacies for you to get your Silagra from.

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