Review – E-Store with Admirable Prices but No Client Feedbacks Despite 15 Years of Service is a Canadian pharmacy located in Vancouver, British Columbia and started catering to clients since 2002. According to, to date, it has fulfilled over 1M prescriptions. This virtual drugstore aims to give the buyers access to cheaper medications by as much as 29% versus the drug prices at local drugstores and as much as 50% versus the same meds discounted by Medicare. Can Drugstore offers high-quality prescription drugs at more affordable prices. Both prescription and over-the-counter medications are available in this online shop, as well as pet medications. features its certifications from CIPA Rx (Certified Canadian International Pharmacy), IPABC (International Pharmacy Association British Columbia), Pharmacy Checker, GeoTrust, and McAfee, and the shop provided the links to the actual websites of these accrediting bodies for verification.

You have to search for your medications on Can Drugstore, as the store does not have the typical medical categories posted on its domain. The meds available on are grouped into prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, and pet medications, and you can search for your meds belonging to the mentioned categories. According to Can Drugstore, its best-selling prescription drugs include Zocor, Plavix, Premarin, Combivent, Celebrex, Fosamax, and other medications. Over-the-counter drugs, on the other hand, are further subdivided into several categories for the buyers’ ease of access. OTC products available on include baby care products, beauty care products, hair care items, skin care items, supplements, feminine products, and other products. Pet meds, on the other hand, are grouped into two: cats and dogs. Cat medications include flea and tick control and heartworm preventative meds, and the same meds are also available for dogs.

Since I am looking for online stores with the best prices for impotence meds, I checked if Can Drugstore has good prices for the erectile dysfunction products for men. For Sildenafil Citrate, the store has both the brand Viagra product from Pfizer and a generic alternative (generic Sildenafil Citrate). Viagra 100 mg is sold for at least $51.85 for 4 tablets while the generic 100 mg option is sold for $15.80 for 12 tablets. Cialis 20 mg from Eli Lilly is also available on Can Drugstore and the shop sells 4 tablets of the 20 mg product, while the store sells 28 tablets of the 5 mg product for $126. Prescription products such as these impotence meds require valid prescriptions, so you have to obtain your Rx first from your doctor before ordering from You can pay for your orders on using personal checks, certified checks, AMEX, E-checks, and international money orders.

Shipping is charged by Can Drugstore to clients and the buyers have to pay $9.95 for the shipping fee. only caters to clients from Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico. You can’t order from the store if you’re not in any of the mentioned countries.

No returns are accepted by, as all orders are final on The shop did not discuss policies concerning lost or damaged orders, but the shop encourages the buyers to contact their support team using the number on the store or by its message function. Reviews

I found on-site comments from buyers of CanDrugStore and most of the buyers were thankful for the shop’s service.

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According to Jacklynn, she was able to afford medications for her mother thanks to the shop’s good prices for the products. She thanked the shop for its great service as well.

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Jennifer stated in her comment that she was able to receive her order from the shop. She praised the store’s good service quality, vast drug selection, and affordable prices.

Even if these testimonials for were positive, they may still be compromised to some degree. Although we can’t tell if these reviews were true or not because there’s no way to verify these client reviews. Reviews 2017

Reviews for 2017 were also not available for Can Drugstore, so I tried other web platforms to check on its domain. For reference, I used Scam Adviser and Scamner.

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According to Scam Adviser, the shop CanDrugStore is a threat listed site. The domain check for revealed that the shop is a store from Canada, although its real location is hidden by its owner using a service. The shop’s domain age is 15 years, which is very long, and longer than the average online pharmacy lifetimes. However, was identified as an “unapproved” online pharmacy with reports of malware. Overall, the shop was given a rating of 46% out of 100.

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The score given to CanDrugStore by as the web platform was identified to have several issues related to its domain. Clients were advised by Scamner to refrain from browsing and purchasing items from this online store. Coupon Codes

Coupon and voucher codes are not given out by, but the store offers discounts for buyers able to refer their friends to the shop. CanDrugStore offers $15 to buyers able to successfully recommend their family and friends to purchase from the shop.

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Aside from the referral discount, also gives free shipping to its clients with orders of more than $99.

Conclusion offers a wide variety of medications for its clients and the shop has reasonable prices for all its available products. I appreciate that the store offers low shipping rates and free shipping for more than $99, although it is unfortunate that the shop only ships products to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

There are no reviews existing for on the web despite its 15-year service. It is unfortunate that CanDrugStore did not have user evaluations for its service despite its wide product range and its good prices. Due to this, I am forced to rate only 2 out of 5.

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