Best Online Non Prescription Pharmacy: Amazing Deals, Lots of Savings

A Local Pharmacy

It’s not hard to understand why many people aren’t buying from local pharmacies anymore, especially when buying prescription medicines that require them to have a doctor’s prescription before making a purchase. Aside from the expensive prices that local pharmacies offer, prescriptions will cost customers more money since they’re going to have to pay physicians to get a full medical diagnosis.

Though it is for the good of the patient, not everyone has the money for paying a doctor. Apart from that, prescription medicines cost quite a fortune and will really take a toll on the customer’s budget. Just like Viagra, for example. This drug is a prescription medicine for erectile dysfunction (ED) whose price is almost at a hundred dollars at $83 USD per pill.

Viagra 50mg, a Prescription Drug
Viagra 50mg, a Prescription Drug

Yes, these are effective medicines but do they really have to come at a great price? Is there no other way to get prescription drugs without first paying the doctor a visit?

Thankfully, even if this is the scenario at local pharmacies, customers have online drugstores to go to in these kinds of situations. Aside from offering effective medicines at very affordable prices, online drugstores also don’t require customers to present prescriptions if they are going to buy prescription meds. Online pharmacies sell them to customers freely which allows them to buy as much as they need. Compared to the local stores, the reason for the affordable prices that online pharmacies offer is that the drugs that they sell are generics.

These drugs may be cheap but they work just as excellent as their branded counterparts since they are also manufactured under the strict international standards as the standard drug brands. Also, the price difference between the medicines that the local and online drugstores sell is surprising. If a local stores sell their prescription medicines at very expensive prices, its generic equivalent from online pharmacies can be bought for only 3% to 5% of its price, allowing the customers to buy prescription drugs at very low prices while not having to pay for a doctor’s prescription.

Finding the best online non-prescription pharmacy is not impossible but very difficult since there are literally thousands of them on the web. These stores may vary in their assortments, bargains, bundles and the discounts that they offer to the customers but their prices don’t differ very much. What the customers should watch out for are the scam websites that mingle themselves with the legitimate stores. These sites only use the guise of an online pharmacy to steal credit card information from customers. To avoid them, customers should use fraud-checking sites such as to find out if the store is real and not a rogue website.

Online Pharmacies that Don’t Require a Prescription

Though selling affordable medicines, some online pharmacies still ask for prescriptions from their customers because they have online doctors that can provide them for a fee. But compared to the number of online pharmacies that require no prescriptions these pharmacies are just very little in number. Most online pharmacies require no prescriptions and even sells medicines to anonymous customers to protect their privacy. The arrival of orders online usually takes 10 to 15 days in regular airmail. If customers want to expedite their orders for a quicker delivery time, they can avail the express mail service that will cost an additional fee but will only take 7 days, half the time of the regular airmail. Customers usually shoulder the shipping fees but in bulk orders, aside from getting bigger discounts, the customers may have their orders shipped for free and the online pharmacies will be waiving the shipping charge. In cases of orders that were not received by the customer, online pharmacies offer refunds or reshipments, whichever the customer is more convenient with. The other good thing about the online pharmacies is that they add freebies to the customer’s orders, something that is not offered by local drugstores. These freebies are also in the form of medicines, additional pills for the customer’s future use.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Cheap

Since generic drugs are the online pharmacies’ specialty, they are only sold at very affordable prices. The reason for this is that the production and the manufacturing of these drugs are not expensive. Their manufacturers would only need to exactly replicate a branded drug’s formulation, effect, and potency and then mass produces them, unlike their original makers who have started from scratch and have invested millions of dollars in research and in the developing of the drug.

Kamagra 100mg Price, a Viagra Generic
Kamagra 100mg Price, a Viagra Generic

Because of the high-quality raw materials that these generic drugs are made of, users can’t tell them apart from the expensive brands. To save more money and to get the same effect of the standard drug brands, customers should go for the generics.

Best Online Pharmacies

The differences in the offered products, bargains and freebies make it difficult to single out the best pharmacy, adding the number of great pharmacies to choose from, it is kind of hard to compare each one against each other in terms of the benefits they give to consumers. There might not be a single online pharmacy that has everything a shopper would be looking for, customers can instead check our list of Top Recommended Online Pharmacies where transactions are guaranteed safe and offers lots of perks for the buyers.


There might not be an ultimate online pharmacy for everyone, customers can freely browse the web and check the amazing deals that each drugstore offers. Online pharmacies offer lots of advantages to customers compared to the local stores that sell at expensive prices and requires prescriptions for their medicines. Customers might not get their orders right away like at local drugstores, they are instead guaranteed to save lots of money and get high-quality medicines by choosing generics.

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