Sildenafil Brand Names: What Brands to Choose

Ever since Pfizer made the breakthrough in the market after releasing Viagra in 1997, many companies in countries outside of its patent restrictions have followed suit in manufacturing Sildenafil to compete in the global market and to help in the worldwide supply. Pfizer’s goal is to make Sildenafil as exclusive as possible, filing for patent exclusivity in key countries for extended lengths of time and after a very long wait, its patent is due to expire before the end of 2017. Finally, Viagra’s long reign and dominance in the Erectile Dysfunction scene will come to an end as many other cheaper generic brands are waiting to take their spots in the market.

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Viagra has always been number 1, not because it’s better than its competitors but because it has no competitors. It has ruled the market because of the patent rights filed by Pfizer that prohibits Sildenafil competition from entering the scene, especially in the US market. It was a clever corporate move, but benefiting only Pfizer and forcing the American customers to avail the only option available. It could’ve been OK but since the price of Viagra has soared to nearly $80 USD per tablet, it’s no longer possible for many to have their conditions remedied because of the stifling price.

Even though it is the current situation, the good thing is that the patent laws do not prohibit online sale of other Sildenafil brands. Online drugstores and pharmacies have become the means for many customers to purchase affordable and effective generic ED medicines not only in the US but also around the world. The quality of these Viagra alternatives is out of the question since these drugs are FDA-approved coming from international pharmaceuticals that have the certification for good manufacturing practices given by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Cheapest Sildenafil 100mg Generics

There are currently lots of other Sildenafil brands today in the market but we will only be discussing a couple of them, the ones where many positive reviews are coming from. These two brands are among the cheapest and best generic Sildenafil 100mg in the market:


Kamagra is a brand name for generic Sildenafil Citrate manufactured by Ajanta, a multinational pharmaceutical company with headquarters in India. Unlike other Sildenafil manufacturers, Ajanta did not limit its Kamagra product line to the usual form of pills taken with water and swallowed whole. Ajanta added variety by making a flavored oral jelly version of Sildenafil which makes it enjoyable for patients taking it. Since the oral jelly dissolves much faster than the hard pill, it is absorbed by the body a lot quicker and begins its action in the body faster.

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Ajanta didn’t stop after making the oral jelly version of Sildenafil but also made a flavored chewable version of Kamagra. This one is flavored pineapple-mint, its chewable state making it as efficient as the oral jelly, dissolving a lot quicker than the usual hard pill. Many patients prefer using these Sildenafil variants as they are absorbed into the bloodstream faster, making the effects almost instantly. Aside from these variants, Ajanta has also manufactured Kamagra Gold, a tablet version of Sildenafil that has more potency than the normal tablet.

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Next is Sildenafil Teva, a generic of Sildenafil manufactured by TEVA, the world’s largest generic drugs manufacturer. This company is known worldwide for it produces a large part of the world’s generic medicines. It is the only company who challenged Pfizer’s patent rights in the market and won, and they will now be able to market generic Sildenafil brands in the US before the end of 2017. When it comes to effectiveness, this generic drug is no different from the original Viagra as it has the same action, same length of effect and same potency. Sildenafil TEVA is also FDA-approved which means that it has passed in all the standards that the Food and Drug Administration imposes on generic meds. FDA requires every generic drug to have the same formulation and effect as its branded equivalent so when it comes to efficiency, Sildenafil TEVA along with many other FDA-approved generic brands is no different from Pfizer’s Viagra.

Viagra Brand Name in India

There are many other generic Sildenafil Indian brand names on the market today such as Suhagra, Filagra, Kamagra, Female Viagra, Fildena, Silagra, etc., but when it comes to effect, they all give the same results as long as they come from credible manufacturers. Which to buy only boils down to the customer’s preference and budget, since different manufacturers and distributors give different prices for their items. In order to avoid getting counterfeit product, consider checking our TOP providers directory.


There might be different brands in the market right now for Sildenafil but customers need not be confused on what to buy because these drugs might differ in packaging and names but as long as it’s Sildenafil, it can definitely perform its function intended for the body. Improving the circulation of blood in the body and treating major ailments like Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction, it is what Sildenafil is made for. Customers no longer need to worry about spending a lot of money for it because generic versions of this drug are now abundant in the online pharmacies at very low prices. Viagra will still remain as a global icon but the expiration of its patent rights will now usher in a new market for the generic Erectile Dysfunction medicines. Before starting on a Sildenafil medication, patients should consult their physicians for a proper diagnosis of their ailments to avoid any complications with their condition.

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