Cheap Rx Reviews: The Most Reliable Online Pharmacy Network

Cheap Rx Reviews: The Most Reliable Online Pharmacy Network

Cheap Rx is an online source of generic and branded medicines that are manufactured in India and Canada. It is a Canadian online pharmacy that serves worldwide customers. Cheap Rx believes that generic medicines are as effective as its branded counterparts are but are cheaper. Cheap Rx is a network of internet pharmacies that offer affordable generic medicines.

All Cheap Rx e-stores have the same web design. They also offer the same list of drugs and are giving their medicines at the same rate. Because of the similarities between members of online pharmacies, people are often tagging them as clone websites. Cheap Rx doesn’t have clone sites though, what they have are legit affiliated online drugstores.

Presently, the majority of the generic brands offered by Cheap Rx are from Indian pharmaceutical companies. This is where the orders are shipped from. Other sources of Cheap Rx are Canadian and US pharmaceutical companies.

Cheap Rx Reviews

Cheap Pills value their customers, every one of their customers. They want to ensure that each of their customers is satisfied with the service and product they are receiving from their e-stores. To check if they are successful in attaining such, we searched for their customer reviews. A customer review will surely say whether Cheap Rx provided a satisfying service or an excellent product.

Cheap Rx Reviews

After reading some of the customer testimonials of Cheap Rx, here are the things that we found out about this chain of online pharmacies:

  • Cheap Rx offers quality medicines
  • Cheap Rx is fast and quick when it comes to delivering their customers’ orders
  • Cheap Rx offers cheap but good medicines
  • Cheap Rx is easy to deal with and has an easy to use ordering platform
  • Cheap Rx offers more medicines as compared to other dispensaries
  • Cheap Rx makes medication more affordable to most people
  • Cheap Rx has a courier that you can depend on in delivering your order in good condition
  • Cheap Rx delivers on time

With such great customer reviews and good pricing of their product, who wouldn’t want to try the service offered by Cheap Rx and its network?

Cheap Rx Online

As a network of online pharmacies, it is no surprise to find that Cheap Rx already has a million customers. What surprised us was the fact that these are happy and satisfied customers as proven by their customer reviews. In fact, the majority of the testimonials we found this group of e-stores are good.

Cheap Rx Page

Cheap Rx began operating in 1997 as a pharmacy in Canada. In the early 2000s, mail order service became popular and online pharmacies started to bloom. Cheap Rx joined the bandwagon of stores who want to take advantage the convenience of running a virtual business and Cheap Rx network of online pharmacies was born. For the last 17 years, Cheap Rx has been meeting their customers’ need worldwide.

One of the things that Cheap Rx is known for is the price of their medicines. They offer some of the cheapest erectile dysfunction drugs on the web such as generic Cialis for $0.68 per tablet and generic Viagra for $0.27 per tablet. They also offer branded Viagra and Cialis for no more than $4 per pill.

On their FAQ page, Cheap Rx said that their medicines are FDA approved. Those generic drugs that are from India are also Indian FDA approved and are safe to use. To be able to sell their medicines at the lowest price, Cheap Pills has partnered with pharmaceutical companies and directly order medicines from them. This is the reason why they are able to give their medicines at such price.

All orders from Cheap Rx can be delivered via Airmail and EMS Shipping. EMS Shipping is $10 more as it costs $19.95 but it will only take 8 days for the order to be delivered. Airmail Shipping takes at least 21 days for the order to be delivered.

Cheap Rx Coupon Codes

Releasing a coupon code is a way for most e-stores to give back to their loyal customers. It is also a way for others to entice new customers to try their product and service. As for Cheap Rx, being in the business for more than 17 years, it looks like giving away a coupon code is no longer necessary hence they do not offer any coupon codes this year.

Cheap Rx Perks

For their customers, what they give are perks such as free pills with every order and free shipping on qualified orders. Qualified orders are orders that are worth $200 and $300. Orders above $200 can be Airmail shipped free of charge while orders above $300 are EMS shipped free of charge.

Cheap Rx Phone Numbers

If you need to contact a Cheap Pills e-store, you can do so by dialing 4420 3239 7092 or 718 487 9297. Cheap Rx Contact Number

These numbers are for their UK and US customers only. For customers outside of these countries, the easiest way to contact a Cheap Rx representative is by sending them a message via their ‘contact us’ page.

Cheap Rx Spam and Phone Calls

Spamming customers by sending them unwanted emails and giving them unwanted phone calls is not a good marketing strategy. Cheap Rx believes that these are not the best ways to introduce a product or a service hence they do not support this practice.


To be a reliable online pharmacy is very important. It is like a branding that you can brag about. It can be seen thru customer reviews and your experience as a product provider. Cheap Rx so far attained these as we can see with their tons of positive customer reviews and 17 years of experience. For these reasons, we are giving it a rating of 5 stars.

Online RX Review – A Pharmacy Network That Takes Care of Their Customer Needs

Online RX Review – A Pharmacy Network That Takes Care of Their Customer Needs

The Online Rx pharmacy network is composed of different web addresses which load the same website. All the web addresses are utilized by the company that runs the Online Rx network to get traffic to their main website. All that these different domains do is collect the orders. Once these orders have been collected, they are then processed by a group of certified pharmacists who work for the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. Just to be clear here, the Online RX pharmacies operate under a license issued to Canadian Pharmacy Limited.

Buying meds to pharmacies which are a part of an online pharmacy network makes different people feel uneasy. What you need to understand is that if you are careful with the domain address that you use to load any of the network pharmacy websites, you will always be safe. If you use random web addresses, you will be placing yourself at the risk of loading a website that resembles the real stores but in the real sense, it will be fake.

The Online Rx pharmacy network has already acquired approval from CIPA, MIPA, and Pharmacy Checker. These are major programs which help people find and avoid fake pharmacies. If Online Rx has already received accreditation from these programs, it means that you will be safe if you are dealing with a genuine network pharmacy.

Online Rx Reviews

The reviews available on the web show that Online Rx pharmacy network is comprised of drug stores which ensure that they are offering their customers the best services. To act as proof, we have some of the reviews here:

Online Rx User Feedback

People are always worried that they might pay for their meds and end up not receiving these medications in time. This is not the case with Online Rx pharmacies. The first reviewer says that he is pleased with the shipment. The customer service was excellent too. He indicates that he will be reordering again.

The products shipped from Online Rx are always better than advised or are exactly the same. This is what the second reviewer has confirmed. She says that Online Rx managed to make her feel totally satisfied.

Another reviewer confirms that Online Rx offers fast service and the customer service is always helpful. They managed to help him very quickly when he was trying to place his order using the website and it was not working out for him. Delivery was speedy.

Online Rx Online

Online Rx Pharmacies look simple. These pharmacies may seem like they have little to offer. However, looks can be deceiving. This pharmacy has a large number of medications in their catalog. In their best sellers list only, they have over 30 products.

Online Rx Home

The drugs they sell are categorized in order to make it easier for people to locate them. Some of the medical categories include ED medication, Anti-Viral Meds, Antibiotics, Anti-Anxiety, Asthma meds, birth control pills, blood pressure drugs, cholesterol lowering pills, hair loss meds, heart disease medication, muscle relaxants and more. The prices for the drugs you get are low. To serve as examples, the following are some of the prices:

  • Metformin: $0.26 per pill.
  • Antabuse: $0.43 for each tablet.
  • Prednisolone: $0.32 for each pill.
  • Valtrex: $2.66 per pill.

These are just a few of the meds that you will find at Online Rx pharmacies. There are thousands of drugs that should be able to cover all your needs. The brand name drugs that you acquire from any Online Rx pharmacy have already been approved by the FDA. The generic medications are only sourced from high-quality generic drug manufacturers. This guarantees you of safety when you use Online Rx meds. Habit forming meds, controlled drugs, or narcotics are not available at any of the Online Rx drug stores. Therefore, you can get your prescribed medications from the online store without the need for a prescription script from your doctor. We advise our readers to minimize the risks involved when taking medication by ensuring they only take medications while following the doctor’s instructions.

Online Rx Coupon Codes

The offers and discounts available at Online Rx network pharmacies are enough to ensure that you purchase your meds from this pharmacy. To get access to all the offers that the pharmacy offers, you need to add the drugs you want to purchase to the cart. For us, we added 360 pills of Cialis:

Online Rx Discounts

The first thing you note in the above cart is that Online Rx has already applied a 10% discount reducing the amount we need to pay from $471.24 to $424.12. Another thing you will note is the shipping will cost $0. This is because our order exceeds 200 dollars. Shipping is waived when the order is over $200. You also get a chance to get free pills as a bonus.

Online Rx Phone Numbers

All the online pharmacies falling under the Online RX network utilize similar phone numbers. These are as follows:

  • +4420-3239-7092
  • +1-718-487-9792

For people who prefer communicating using written text, you can send Online Rx support team an email by simply filling out a contact form available on their contact page.

Online Rx Spam and Phone Calls

There is no Online Rx network pharmacy that is affiliated with spam phone calls. We determined this after trying to find any reports from people who claim that they had been spammed by people claiming to work for Online Rx pharmacies and coming up with nothing. We only found positive feedback on the web for Online Rx network drugstores.


Online Rx Pharmacies have two phone numbers which you can use to reach out to their support department. From the reviews we have already checked, we have determined that the people working in the support department are always happy to help. You will not have to wait for your meds for months before they arrive. Previous Online Rx clients have confirmed that the meds arrive on time. Due to these reasons, we rate Online Rx network 5 stars. Review – E-Store with Admirable Prices but No Client Feedbacks Despite 15 Years of Service Review – E-Store with Admirable Prices but No Client Feedbacks Despite 15 Years of Service is a Canadian pharmacy located in Vancouver, British Columbia and started catering to clients since 2002. According to, to date, it has fulfilled over 1M prescriptions. This virtual drugstore aims to give the buyers access to cheaper medications by as much as 29% versus the drug prices at local drugstores and as much as 50% versus the same meds discounted by Medicare. Read More Review – Beware of this Vendor with Copied Reviews Review – Beware of this Vendor with Copied Reviews is just like one of those pharmacies that have a very common layout with a name of ‘Pharmacy Mall’. The store says that it has the lowest priced of medications and has successfully satisfied more than 1,000,000 customers. claims to be approved by various drug regulatory bodies such as MIPA, CIPA, Pharmacy Checker and even FDA. Read More Review – Online Pharmacy with Poor Support Team Review – Online Pharmacy with Poor Support Team is a that dispenses medicines from Canada and through its affiliated international pharmacies. All medicines are checked and dispensed by licensed Canadian pharmacies and through their affiliate international dispensaries from Mauritius, Singapore, Turkey, New Zealand, India, United Kingdom and the United States.  Read More

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